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Government Contracting CLE Credit Courses

Trends and Best Practices in Responding to Corporate Whistleblower Reports Explored! LIVE Webcast

Compliance Programs for Government Contractors in 2015 Explored LIVE Webcast

Managing the Margins: A Case Study on Winning the Battle with Pricing Incentives LIVE Webcast

DCAA Hot Buttons: 2014 Update LIVE Webcast

Legal Series for 2011: U.S. Export Controls 2011 for Attorneys LIVE Webcast

Major Discretionary Grant Programs Under the US Department of Education

INSIDE COUNSEL INSIDER: CORPORATE AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE 2.0 | Procurement and Government Contracting Compliance

What the Government Now Expects from Individuals and Their Attorneys in False Claims Act Investigations and Settlements

Deposition Skills: Pointers and Pitfalls for Government and Private Lawyers

Export Enforcement During ECR

US Export Control Reform Basics

Department of Labor's Final Rule on 'White Collar' Overtime Exemptions

Understanding the Truthful Cost & Pricing Data's Application to Subcontractors

Government Contractor Labor and Employment Developments: Key Executive Orders, Rules and Initiatives

State and Local Public Procurement and Contracting

International Construction - FIDIC Red Book Clauses, Claims and Risk Management

Ethics Required of Government Contractors: Basic Principles and Recent Developments

2016 CPSR Hot Topics - Get Ready!

Subcontract Compliance for Small Businesses

Cybersecurity and Social Engineering: Understanding the Weakest Link

DCAA Audit Hot Topics - What You Need to Know as You Enter 2017

Counterfeit Electronic Parts - Navigating DFARS FInal and Proposed Rules

EAR and OFAC Fundamentals

Recent Developments Impacting the Small Business Government Contracting Requirements

Federal Contract Claims and Appeals Practice: An Introduction

Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships

Practical Lessons in Defending and Litigating Defective Pricing Audits

GSA's New Transactional Data Reporting Rule for Federal Supply Schedule Contracts: Understanding Policy and Compliance

Transparency and Transition: The Public Records Law and Records Retention

Navigating the Government’s Revolving Door - The Do's and Don'ts and Bid Protest Risks of Hiring Current and Former Federal Government Personnel

The New Export Control Reform Transition Rules

EAR & ITAR Basics

A Guide to Post-Award Audits

Afghan Taxes, Business Registration, and Cost Recovery - A Step-by-Step Guide

What You Need to Know to Perform Federal Grants and How They Differ From Federal Contracts

FAR Update (2016-2) Major Changes Impacting the Industry

2016 Year in Review For Labor Related Compliance Regulations

CPSR - The Year in Review

The "Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces" Regulations for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors: What to Expect and How to Comply

GAO Bid Protests: Small Business Primer

Data Rights 101: Understanding and Negotiating Data Rights in Government Contracts

Cybersecurity Information Sharing After CISA: What You Need to Know

Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliance for Federal Contractors

Navigating the Waters of Indirect Cost Rates in Government Contracting

The US Contractor's Guide to Doing Business in Israel

Corporate Compliance Served Two Ways: Leveraging Your Compliance Program For When the Government Comes Knocking

False Claims Act Fundamentals

Selling Computers to the Government - The New OFPP Directive is a Game Changer

Subcontract Compliance for Non-Procurement Professionals

Mergers & Acquisitions: A Focus on Intellectual Property Rights

A Contractor's Guide to Doing Business with the Department of Homeland Security

How to Survive a CPSR

The Year of the Monkey - Compliance to Remain a Monkey on Government Contractors' Back

Source Selection: Will Recent Changes to Department of Defense Procedures Impact Your Business?

Cybersecurity for the Golden State

GSA Schedule Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Significant Changes to the GSA Schedules

A Pocket Guide to Federal Government Contract Debriefings

The Supreme Court Rulings: How Decisions are Impacting Contractors

Investigations In Difficult Environments: Strategies for Cost Effective Engagements

The False Claims Act in Construction Projects

Current Competitive Preference Priorities for the US Department of Education

Emerging Issues in Whistleblower and Retaliation Claims

Grants Reform - Are you Prepared for the Supercircular?

The Fiscal Law of Contracting and Anti-Deficiency Act

Navigating the Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement: Its Provisions and Likelihood of Congressional Passage

Grant Proposals - Designing Program: The Use of the Logic Model

Recent Developments in Bid Protests

Top 5 Billing Mistakes Government Contractors Make

Contracting Practices at HUD: Transitioning to the FAR

What Federal Agencies Award Grants and How Do I Get Them?

Contract Interpretation

Audit Compliance with Workflow Automation

How to Prepare Today for your Next CPSR Audit

Bid Protests in the World of Mergers and Acquisitions

CUI and CDI - The Federal Push to Protect Sensitive Technical Information

The Audit Challenge: Common Financial Statement Pitfalls Confronting Government Contractors

SBA's Mentor Protege Program: Latest Trends, Pitfalls and Practical Pointers

Results of the 2016 PSC/Grant Thornton Acquisition Policy Survey

The Top 10 Latest Labor Headaches for Government Contractors: Newly Released Rules Requires New Guidance

U.S. Contractors Guide to Doing Business in Canada

Avoid Lightning in the Cloud: Basics of Becoming FedRAMP Compliant and Navigating FISMA

Government Contracts Mergers and Acquisitions 101

False Claims Act Update: How Escobar Has Rewritten the FCA Playbook

Counterfeit Materials - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing!

Recent Developments Impacting the Small Business Government Contracting Requirements (On-Demand CLE)

Government Contracting on the Cybersecurity Frontier: Cyber Landmines, Compliance Risks, and Emerging Rules (Audio Download)

Federal Government Contracting: Essential Survival Training (Online Seminar)

Government Contracts 101: An Overview of U.S. Government Contracts for Non-Government Contracts Attorneys

Negotiation Strategies for Settling Civil Cases