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Career Development CLE Credit Courses

The Attorney-Client Relationship: The Key to Long-Term Success as a Business Counselor

Working through the Bureaucratic Red Tape of Decision-Making

Brand Yourself! How to Differentiate Yourself and Stand Out in a Crowd

Leading with Integrity

Negotiation Ethics: Your Reputation Depends On It

Specific Negotiation Issues: What To Do, When To Do It

Pro Bono in Practice: Human Trafficking

The Importance of a Well-Crafted Shareholder Agreement

The Art of Crafting a Solid Business Plan

Negotiation Stages: A Step-by-Step Guide To Bargaining Interactions

Gender And Negotiation Performance: Venus vs Mars Extends To The Courtroom

What Makes a Great Legal Negotiator: Putting The Power In Your Hands

Mediation: Dealing With A Standstill

Research and Development: Its What Keeps Your Clients Moving Forward

Protecting Your Clients Through Sales and Distribution

Post Negotiation Assessments: Being More Effective Starts With You

23 Negotiation Techniques (or Games People Play)

Founders Relationships & Agreements: The Keys to a Successful Startup

Leadership for Lawyers (NEW YORK)

Creating Proactive Leadership

Basic Skills for Newly Admitted Attorneys, in Illinois

The Business Counselor A Key Role in Todays Changing Business World

Creating Business Development Presentations That Work

Negotiation Styles: Getting More With Honey Than Vinegar

Strategic Legal Negotiations: An Introduction

Selecting the Form of Business Entity: The Most Important Decision for Your Client

Managing the Manufacturing Function to Gain a Competitive Edge

Presentation Skills for Attorneys

Understanding Governance Counseling: Your Role as a Trusted Advisor

Advising Companies in Crisis Management

Developing Leaders in Your Law Firm

Punctuation Matters

Innovating Legal Practice through Talent Management

Rising to the Challenge: A Vocational Evaluators View of Income Imputation in Todays Job Market

Over the Course of Your Legal Career - A Conversation on Professional Development and Office Management (Legal Lunchbox Series May 2016)

Personal Lives/Practical Strategies: Career Development with a Family (Legal Lunchbox Series May 2014)

Iowa Farm Business Tax Strategies, Regulatory Changes, Succession Planning and More

Iowa Farm Business Tax Strategies, Regulatory Changes, Succession Planning and More